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Hi all, these past couple of weeks I have been working on creating a personal website for myself. Since I have frequently used open-source code myself, I thought I would give back to the community by turning it into a template and releasing it for free. There will also be future updates with new sections to expand your website.

Here's a quick one-minute demo:

A phone demo can be found here

This template is:

  • professional
  • easy to setup
  • fully customizable
  • responsive (works for phones, tablets, and laptops)


This template has separate sections for:

  • a personal introduction + photo
  • current projects
  • completed projects
  • hobbies
  • spoken languages
  • contact me (w/ action buttons to link to social media accounts and/or emails)
  • optional: password protection can be added

This is just what is included right now -- I will keep working on this template and release new sections in the future.

Also, since this template is made using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Bootstrap, it is also fully customizable. Anyone with any web development experience can change whatever they want.

How do I use this template?

  1. Either download the template from this Gumroad or from my Github Repository
  2. Check out the Github ReadMe for instructions on how to customize and host this website


Why would I choose this template?

First of all, it is 100% free. Next, when downloading this template, it is fully functioning already. Just change the current images + information to your own, and you're done.

How would I host this template?

My recommendation is to upload your personalized template to Github, and use Github pages to host the website for free. I have multiple websites hosted using Github pages, and in my opinion it is the best way to host websites for free.

Do I need any skills to use this template?

Yup. You need at least some web development skills using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. If you currently don't have any, find a quick introduction video on Youtube, and you will probably be able to use this template anyway.

Just a note, since this is a free template, I will not be fixing any bugs or adding information into this template for anyone. Once you download it, it is out of my hands and into yours.

However, let me know if you have any questions at all by sending me a DM on Instagram (@rosacodes) or sending an email to

Download the template now, and get started with your personal website!

I want this!

You'll get a professional, fully functioning, and highly customisable personal website template.


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Personal Website Template

4 ratings
I want this!